Auto Liability Coverage Gaps

For some small businesses, there are coverage gaps when it comes to auto liability insurance. This is especially true in situations or accidents where employees are involved, yet company vehicles are not. These incidents are best served by non-owned auto insurance. What It Is A non-owned liability policy helps protect your business against financial damages

Do You Know What CPP Policy Options You Have?

As the business world rapidly evolves, so must the ways in which businesses protect themselves from new threats and unexpected exposure. A smart commercial property package (CPP) can do that. But what should you include in your CPP insurance policy? CPP’s are built for commercial property owners in a way that allows for customization. With

Insurance for Cleaning Services: Make Sure All Your Bases Are Covered

A cleaning service is exposed to a unique set of risks. Damage to cleaning equipment and supplies, damage to a customer’s personal property and injuries suffered at the workplace. The list of possible liability claims is a long one. Because of this increased exposure, it is essential to protect your business with an all-inclusive janitorial

Engage Your Insurance Agents with Content Marketing

How are you engaging with your prospects? Direct mail? Billboards? While those marketing strategies for insurance agents may have worked in the past, there are new ways to connect with prospects and customers. Embrace Content Marketing The Internet has changed the way people shop for everything, including insurance. Today, a prospect will spend time online

What to Know About Insurance Coverage for Commercial Real Estate

Focusing only on the final costs for the insurance premium or the limits of insured items misses valuable and often overlooked details that could cost you money. Commercial property insurance coverage extends past the large items and into the necessary details to cover all potential risks and liabilities for the property owner. Coinsurance and Deductibles

Top Three Reasons to Carry General Liability Insurance

Searching for general liability insurance in NJ can seem like a hassle for new business owners. Even though the main benefits of insurance are common knowledge, many still take the risk of operating without coverage. If you’re debating whether to sign up for a general liability policy, here are three reasons why it benefits your

Understanding Professional Liability Insurance

Are you unsure if you need professional liability insurance in Indiana? As the owner of an independent consulting business, it’s sometimes difficult to know what type of business insurance you need, if any at all. With so many types of insurance offerings for small businesses, under-insurance and over-insurance are both possibilities. When it comes to

Protection for Educators

Educators are valuable members of our society, responsible for the learning and care of our children for much of the waking day. However, when misunderstandings or conflicts between educator and students occur, the effects have the potential to be detrimental to ones career if not adequately handled. Some consequences include: Broken trust between educators and

What Insurance Does Your Business Need?

Small business owners or managing partners of larger firms are often concerned about the liabilities their industry and services pose. Without adequate insurance coverage, any number of risks could be financially disastrous in the event of an incident or accident. For those in the area, Carmel business owners policy coverages can minimize the damage and

Why Entertainment Businesses Need Public Liability Insurance

Although the entertainment industry is a fun and exciting field to work in, it is also important to consider comprehensive insurance policies to protect everyone in unfortunate scenarios. Careful attention to detail and thorough work practices can help prevent incidents, but it is always a good idea to have all one’s bases covered. What is