Protect Your Business and Your Future with E&O Insurance

Companies can implement best practices and train their employees with the top methods in the industry, and still make mistakes. New Jersey errors and omission liability policies protect a business from claims launched as a result of mistakes made during contracted or agreed upon work that causes severe injury or significant financial loss to the

Condo Master Insurance Policies for HOAs

Condominium homeowners associations face unique risks when covering shared spaces while respecting the private spaces of residents. Condo master insurance policies are types of HOA insurance programs which can provide insurance coverage for condo HOAs and the shared common spaces they maintain. These policies are sometimes known as HOA master policies. A condo master insurance

Why Your Moving Company Needs Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is not only for trucking companies or freight businesses. Even you as the owner of a moving company should have Texas cargo insurance and here’s why. You assume a lot of responsibility when you pack up people’s belongings and transport them within Texas or even to a location in a different state. Your

What Are the Most Common Claims Against Realtors?

Anyone who works in the insurance industry knows that there are risks involved. Anytime you are dealing with investments, property and other important legal transactions, there are bound to be mistakes, misunderstandings or simple complications. With real estate professional liability insurance, agents and brokers can be protected from financial ruin should a client file a

The Most Current Rating Resources

In today’s world of always moving technological advancements, there is something for every market to take advantage of. These innovations serve the main purposes of helping people do their jobs better, and making those jobs easier. The world of rating is no different. Now it is easy to find a good quality insurance rating engine

Insurance for Rehabilitation Services Protects What Matters Most

For those dealing with substance abuse issues, recovery can take time. This process often extends beyond treatment facilities and inpatient programs to weekly meetings aimed at maintaining a sober lifestyle. These meetings require the assistance of building owners and the like, who are tasked with providing a physical space and amenities for those pursuing treatment.

3 Benefits of Using an Insurance Rating Solution System

  Insurance agents working in specialized fields often encounter unique needs for providing quotes and insurance related information to their clients. With the help of today’s insurance rating systems, agents working in many different areas of insurance are finding that they too can take advantage of these three benefits of rating solutions programs.   Accurate

Protecting the Good Done by Fraternal Groups

Fraternal insurance is a type of insurance specifically written to meet the needs of those who have joined fraternal groups. If you are part of a fraternal group, then you can appreciate several benefits because of the insurance coverage.   Most of the time, people join fraternal groups in order to achieve a common goal

Two Ways Homeowners Can Save on Insurance Expenses

Many homeowners are tempted to simply choose the most affordable option when they compare NJ homeowners insurance quotes before purchasing a policy. At the same time, most homeowners recognize that choosing a policy based on price alone may lead to dangerous coverage gaps. Fortunately, there are a few ways that homeowners can find lower quotes

Forms of Lawyer Malpractice Insurance

Attorneys consider a few things first when facing a malpractice case. Those first factors are the type of insurance the accused law professional has and the liability coverage limits of the policy that they have. Distinct insurance kinds and liability limits warrant distinct case strategies. If you’re thinking about filing a lawyers malpractice claim, you