Protection for Educators

Educators are valuable members of our society, responsible for the learning and care of our children for much of the waking day. However, when misunderstandings or conflicts between educator and students occur, the effects have the potential to be detrimental to ones career if not adequately handled. Some consequences include:

  • Broken trust between educators and students
  • Compromising the reputation of the educator and the school
  • Affecting future job prospects
  • Hefty legal fees
  • Stress and time taken away from planning and instruction

Types of Conflicts Educators May Encounter

While most days may follow a familiar routine, being involved or accused of even just one off-chance incident can have devastating effects on ones career. Having educator liability insurance provides many necessary protections if an educator is accused of being involved in activities such as the following:

  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Inadequate instruction
  • Unfair student evaluation practices
  • Being unqualified or responsible for the hiring of unqualified individuals
  • Infringing on civil rights of students
  • Not tending to students needs
  • Student injuries occurring while under ones supervision

Who Is Eligible for Educator Insurance Plans?

Plans for educators are not only limited to teachers. Administrators, management and support staff vital to the education process may also qualify. With the increasing rate and complexity of claims against educators, educator liability insurance is not just an extra safeguard, but a practical investment.