Educator Legal Liability Public School Insurance in Indiana

There are many different types of public school insurance in Indiana, but some types are especially important. One of these is educator legal liability insurance, which can also be called ELL coverage or school board legal liability insurance. This is a specialized type of insurance that is absolutely essential for most school districts.


What is Educator Legal Liability?


ELL is a blend of both traditional directors and officers coverage and errors and omissions insurance. It is designed to protect the staff, administration, and directors of an educational facility from legal trouble. It can sometimes even be extended to protect part-time employees, volunteer workers, or even interns, allowing for greater stability in a school.


Potential ELL Claims


A typical claim under ELL might include legal challenges for wrongful termination, wrongful dismissal, discrimination, retaliation, failure to grant tenure, or other employment practices. It may also be brought by parties that are not employees, with charges including negligent counseling, educational malpractice, sexual harassment, violation of intellectual property rights or other statutory obligations, or even perceived poor policies. An ELL program may provide several millions of dollars of coverage, which can be enough to either pay legal fees or settle out of court, depending on the situation and any legal counsel.


ELL is critical to maintaining security, stability, and coherence in a school in the event that something does go wrong. Public school insurance in Indiana can cover many areas, and it’s important to be sure that legal challenges are one of them.