Are There Gaps in Your Farm Insurance?

Farming is one the be biggest industries in Ohio and has been the backbone of America for hundreds of years. As one of the most important and essential trades in the United States, farming can be a hobby or an occupation. It may also be a business that employees hundreds of people. No matter if your farm is a family-run business or a massive organic commercial operation, it may be time to think about your farm machinery insurance. Understanding the subtle nuances of machinery insurance can protect your farm from disaster.

Agribusiness insurance is unlike any other type of coverage programs available. For that reason, an agent familiar with farming requirements can make the difference in a policy that completely covers your farm and one that contains gaps. Insuring the farm equipment and machinery against disaster can be important but knowing there are specialty endorsements and add-ons available that can add an extra level of protection, can often keep the business open during a catastrophe.

Specialty farm machinery insurance policies can be found such as equipment breakdown coverage, commercial auto and fleet protection, and commercial umbrella policies. Your agent can help you discover what your company needs in insurance coverage to best protect itself against machinery problems. By insuring your equipment against loss, you may be protecting your profitability as well.