Benefits of Using an Insurance Broker When You Have High Net Worth

If you have high net worth (HNW), you may likely have invested in one or more extravagant homes of great value. Homeowners insurance can protect your home and personal belongings but can have certain limitations that may not cover the value of items and property that homeowners with HNW may possess. HNW insurance can provide higher liability limits and specialized coverage options. Here are some advantages for utilizing HNW insurance brokers when searching for policies.

Knowledge and Experience

A broker who specializes in HNW insurance may be more knowledgeable about the specific risk liabilities and characteristics of high net worth families and individuals. A good HNW insurance broker can conduct an asset analysis of HNW families and find customized products that can meet their needs without over-insuring or underinsuring them.

Work For You Not a Company

Unlike insurance agents who may work for and represent a particular company that may only offer specific products, insurance brokers may represent multiple insurance companies instead if working for a company. This can allow them to have access to a wider range of products which can, in turn, enable them to offer customized policies that meet the unique needs of HNW families.


HNW insurance brokers can serve as your point of contact for all your insurance needs. Most can be contacted after hours during emergencies to answer questions and provide assistance when you need to file a claim.