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Commercial Liability Insurance: How Much Does It Cost?

Intended to protect companies from claims arising from injuries or property damage, a comprehensive general liability policy is an essential cog in ensuring the long-term financial health of any business–no matter how large or small. Yet no one should assume that all commercial liability insurance is created equally. When figuring potential premium costs, it is

The One Car Insurance Policy You Must Have

You just pulled your dream car off the dealer’s lot and into the real world. Even though you drive carefully, someone makes a wrong turn and plows into the side of your car. It’s a bummer, but at least the driver has tri state auto insurance, doesn’t he? Maybe he does. Maybe he doesn’t. If

Insure for the Risks of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning services are able to make a huge difference in the look and quality of a floor for a building with carpeting. Many people depend on these services for a process that cannot be accomplished easily with regular cleaning tools and equipment. However, providing that deep clean requires numerous risks that can cause the

Top Reasons to Have Personal Umbrella Insurance

The club is hopping with the steady beat of music, people dancing and swaying to the rhythm with their drinks raised in celebration. Bars, dance halls and nightclubs in particular often serve alcohol to their patrons. Those same patrons then leave the establishment on their own or with someone else. Having nightclub liquor liability insurance

Understanding Captive Insurance and The Benefits It Offers

Finding the right business insurance for your company can be confusing and time-consuming. Add to it the volatile prices that usually accompany commercial insurance policies once they’re active, it’s easy to see why some organizations choose to look for alternative solutions. Here’s what you should know about a captive insurance program and what makes it

Why Your Nightclub Needs Liquor Liability Insurance

It is every nightclub owner’s nightmare scenario. A customer drinks too much and later is the cause of a serious car accident. A lawsuit is filed, and the bar is held responsible. Without a comprehensive policy that includes liquor liability for nightclubs, the financial effects on a small business could be devastating. Dram Shop Laws

Add a “Tail” to Your E&O Insurance

Errors and Omissions (E&O) is an important type of policy in insurance programs for agencies, protecting them from claims of acts involving negligence and poor work. When acquiring this type of policy, consider including E&O insurance tail coverage, which adds an extra layer of security. The way it works is by giving an amount of

Insurance for Janitorial Businesses

Hospitals, schools, offices and virtually every major establishment has one thing in common; they rely on janitorial services that often work behind the scenes to keep their buildings clean, safe and maintained. While janitors are sometimes employees of the business, others are smaller businesses under contract. In these types of scenarios, it’s important to consider

Auto Liability Coverage Gaps

For some small businesses, there are coverage gaps when it comes to auto liability insurance. This is especially true in situations or accidents where employees are involved, yet company vehicles are not. These incidents are best served by non-owned auto insurance. What It Is A non-owned liability policy helps protect your business against financial damages

Do You Know What CPP Policy Options You Have?

As the business world rapidly evolves, so must the ways in which businesses protect themselves from new threats and unexpected exposure. A smart commercial property package (CPP) can do that. But what should you include in your CPP insurance policy? CPP’s are built for commercial property owners in a way that allows for customization. With