Coverage That Protects Against Cyber Crime

In many ways, the risks associated with doing business have never been higher than they are today.  Along with all the traditional threats to success that business owners must manage, they also have to confront the reality of cyber crime.

What is Cyber Crime Insurance?

Cyber crime puts customer data at risk, damages valuable computer equipment, and can bring the pace of business to a standstill.  Cyber crime insurance in Orlando will help protect you in numerous ways.

  • Direct loss, consequential loss, and legal liability – Should an electronic security breach occur, legal liability coverage will help protect you from the costs of lawsuit and litigation.  The direct and consequential loss of data will also be covered.
  • Notification expenses – After a data breach is detected, you are required by law to inform everyone who may have been impacted.  Even electronic notices will take time to compose and send; this coverage will help address the cost associated with the notification process.
  • Service provider breach – If your data or website is hosted by another agency and that agency suffers a cyber attack, your information may be damaged.  This coverage will help you recoup any losses associated with that attack.
  • Denial of service attacks – This special line of coverage helps cover the cost of restoring your network after it is brought down by unauthorized users (hackers).

The amount of information being stored electronically continues to grow and so does the need for cyber crime insurance in Orlando.  This is a form of commercial insurance that no organization can afford to be without.