Develop Lifelong Customers With Insurance Email Marketing

As healthy and extensive as your customer database may be, chances are there are quite a few gaps when it comes to the “Email” box. People are more protective with giving their email address out these days, and who can blame them? In today’s world, most people are permanently attached to their email—whether via computer, cellphone, tablet, etc. Therefore, being able to access a potential customer’s email address means to have almost an immediate and direct shot right to their focus of attention—their inbox. But how do you, the insurance agent, get these email addresses? How do you tap into that segment of the market?


There are insurance email marketing specialists who can offer specialized systems of advertising to help generate these missing email addresses. Using your current customers’ names, addresses, and company affiliations, these specialists match the information against a master database that includes tens of millions of business records. Quality control and privacy is maintained by keeping the entire operation in-house, never outsourcing to third parties. If an email match is found, verification is done to ensure authenticity, and the address is forwarded to you in database form.


This is one of many available insurance email marketing techniques utilized by insurance carriers, brokerages, and agents across the country. Other services offered include phone and reverse phone append, email list cleaning & hygiene services, NCOA, and Firmagraphics.