Engage Your Insurance Agents with Content Marketing

How are you engaging with your prospects? Direct mail? Billboards? While those marketing strategies for insurance agents may have worked in the past, there are new ways to connect with prospects and customers.

Embrace Content Marketing

The Internet has changed the way people shop for everything, including insurance. Today, a prospect will spend time online researching policies, carriers, and agents. Before that, though, they will use the web to find answers to all the insurance questions they have.

By embracing content marketing, in which brands develop content to help prospects and customers find solutions, you can set yourself apart from the competition and appear when prospects are looking for answers. Start simply by blogging. Answer a simple question, like why it is important to get an umbrella policy. Then answer another. Build an audience, be seen as an expert and build trust among prospects and customers.

Get Social

Insurers are often slow to embrace new strategies. Don’t be one of them. Get involved in social media, whether it’s a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or an active LinkedIn profile.
Social media is where you will engage one-on-one with prospects and customers, as well as share your content marketing assets. A link to your blog shared on Twitter may reach hundreds more than any direct mail campaign.

Try some of these marketing strategies for insurance agents. You may find you have a new fan base that may become your new customer base.