Factors That Affect What You Pay for Car Insurance

Many people are curious as to why they pay a certain amount for car insurance and why their friend pays much more or less than they do. There are many factors that go into what you pay for Windham Connecticut auto insurance and they can be divided into two separate categories, you and your car.


Unfortunately, there are some factors that go into your car insurance policy that you just can’t change. For example, your age and gender both have an impact on what you pay for auto insurance. However, there are two things that you have control over that contribute to your insurance premiums. Your driving history and your credit score both play a role in how much you pay for insurance. If you want to reduce what you pay for insurance, practice safe driving habits and work towards improving your credit score.

Your Car

The make, model, and year of your car are all factors that contribute to how much you pay for Windham Connecticut auto insurance. Safety features, such as anti-lock breaking systems, air bags and other theft-prevention devices like a car alarm or tracking device can play a role regarding what your premiums cost.

If you are interested in finding ways to reduce what you pay for your auto insurance policy every month, talk to your insurance agent for more information.