Get The Right Insurance Policy For Your Business

If you have currently started your own business or if you are in the process of reviewing your company’s insurance needs, it is important to learn some basic information about business insurance in Orlando. There are different types of policies available and each company has different needs. Here is some basic information about the different types of coverage available for your business.

General Liability

General liability is essential as it will help protect your company from loss that may occur from unplanned claims or lawsuits. There are generally four categories that fall under general liability: 1) bodily injury, 2), untruthful advertising, 3) personal injury and 4) property damage. Contact your agent to determine if you have a sufficient amount of general liability coverage.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you have company vehicles it is important that you carry the proper amount of coverage. As a business, you need to protect your company in the event that one of your employees is involved in an automobile accident. If you own one vehicle or an entire fleet of vehicles, be sure you are carrying the correct coverage.

Workers Compensation

If your business employs more than a specified number of people, you might be required by law to carry workers compensation insurance. If one of your employees gets hurt on the job, this type of insurance will help pay for any loss or damage that may occur.

Review your Policy

There are also additional types of coverage available for your business. Whether you are starting a new company or have been in business for years, review your company’s current insurance needs to ensure you have the appropriate coverage.