Go Beyond General Liability to Protect Your Septic System Business

Installing septic systems can be a messy job with unique liabilities. General liability insurance is a necessity for most businesses to protect against property damage and bodily injury occurring on the premises. However, a septic system insurance plan protects the financial assets of the business in other lawsuits.


Septic systems can have an environmental impact on the area. The size of the impact depends on the size of the system installed. Pollution Liability insurance offers a variety of protections against environmental claims arising from mold, bacteria, HAZMAT and lead that may arise.


From a variety of commercial vehicles to the digging equipment, septic system businesses have expensive equipment to take care of and protect. Commercial auto insurance is necessary for any business owned vehicles including work trucks and water tankers.


A septic system installation often involves more than one person. A workers compensation policy is required on all employees. An employee fidelity/crime policy offers you protection if an employee steals from you or commits a crime while on the job.

The septic system insurance policies your business needs depend on the type of work your business conducts. The larger the operation, the more impact it can have on the environment and more workers are employed. The right set of policies protects financial assets in the event of a lawsuit.