Having Good Liability Coverage is Important

Whenever you provide valuable services to a client, it can be important to make sure that you have good insurance. Dentist professional liability insurance does a lot to help you provide a valuable service to your patients while protecting you.


What is it?


A policy for dentist professional liability insurance may differ slightly depending on who you go through. For the most part, liability insurance helps to cover your costs in the event that a patient decides to sue you. Some common features of such policies include


  • Per occurrence and aggregate liability limits, which may differ depending your policy
  • Prior Acts Coverage
  • Some coverage at retirement (tail coverage)
  • New or part-time dentist credit


What are the Benefits?


If you happen to get sued without any sort of liability coverage, you end up covering the costs on your own. Some lawsuits can last for a long time—even years. The money it takes to pay for a lawyer and get the issue resolved can quickly add up. Your policy could save you a lot of money by covering many of these expenses, and it can help you focus on continuing to give your patients the best dental service you can.


Having good dentist professional liability insurance is important because of all the coverage it can offer and its ability to save you a lot of money in the event of a lawsuit. Talk to an agent today to learn more about how such a policy could benefit your practice.