How A Self-Insurance Policy Can Protect You

Self-Insurance Something that everyone is talking about right now is insurance. With the new health care laws that require insurance and all of the other insurance policies that are available, it is something that is on everyone’s mind. If you are confused at all on the specifics and what you need, you are not alone. Obviously there are a few types of insurance policies that you absolutely need to have, but you don’t always have to go through an insurance agency to get these policies. One method to insure that you are always coverage or that you have money to pay for things, like medical care, that you need is to set up a self-insurance policy. These policies are slightly different than insurance policies that are available at most agencies. These methods of risk management involve setting aside an amount of money to cover you in potential future losses. The great thing about a self-insurance plan is that it you can cover any insurable risk that could possibly happen. As long as you have an insurance agent that can properly advise you on the amounts that you need to build up to, you will have a slush fund for those rainy days without having to be tied down by a traditional insurance policy.

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