How To Use Technology To Differentiate Your Staffing Firm

Staffing firms still expect to see a six percent growth in global revenue for 2019. Employment practices liability protects your staffing firm against legal actions by the client alleging property damage or bodily injury while on assignment. Continue to grow your business by leveraging technology to stand out among the competition.


Interviewing candidates is time-consuming and can be costly for the staffing firm. Leveraging the power of video, candidates can be interviewed via video instead of having them come in. This may be extremely helpful for businesses hiring remote workers.


Automation allows staff to spend more time on important tasks such as recruiting quality individuals. Automating certain procedures frees up time without sacrificing the quality of customer service extended to clients.

Chat Bots

Recruiters can quickly answer client questions at the client’s convenience. Instead of bouncing phone calls back and forth, a recruiter is available to speak with the client immediately. Small concerns can easily be handled allowing the recruiter to spend less time on small items and more time recruiting for the client.

Beyond technology, the reputation of a staffing firm helps the business grow far more than anything else. Protect the employees while you grow with employment practices liability insurance. The added protection only increases your solid reputation with business clients.