Insurance for Cleaning Services: Make Sure All Your Bases Are Covered

A cleaning service is exposed to a unique set of risks. Damage to cleaning equipment and supplies, damage to a customer’s personal property and injuries suffered at the workplace. The list of possible liability claims is a long one. Because of this increased exposure, it is essential to protect your business with an all-inclusive janitorial insurance program.

Business Owner’s Policy

A business owner’s policy (BOP) of insurance offers broad-based coverage. Such a policy includes the following:

General Liability insurance protects against claims of personal injury to a third party as well as damage to a client’s property. Payment of legal fees and settlements or judgments is included, up to the policy limits.

Property insurance pays for damages to the company’s cleaning tools and supplies, as well as for damage to an office site and/or office equipment. Depending on the policy, coverage for damage to a client’s property in your possession, such as building keys or cleaning equipment and supplies, may also be included.

Add Some SPICE to Your Policy

A Specialized Property Insurance Endorsement (SPICE) includes coverage for your equipment while it is transit and/or at a location away from the primary office site. SPICE also includes $25,000 in business interruption coverage as well as protection in the event of employee theft of a client’s property.

Unforeseen accidents and liability claims can torpedo a cleaning business. Consider protecting your company with a comprehensive janitorial insurance program.