Insure for the Risks of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning services are able to make a huge difference in the look and quality of a floor for a building with carpeting. Many people depend on these services for a process that cannot be accomplished easily with regular cleaning tools and equipment. However, providing that deep clean requires numerous risks that can cause the service business financial loss. Acquiring a program insurance for carpet cleaning business can be vital in allowing your service to continue while giving your customers the security to confidently hire you.

Examples of Mishaps in Carpet Cleaning

There is a multitude of problems and accidents that can happen while running a carpet cleaning business. In general, there’s a huge risk of damage to a client’s property and belongs, since they put their place in your care. Some examples of incidents where a policy of insurance for carpet cleaning business may be able to cover any costs are as follows:


  • One of your employees knocks over and breaks a lamp in a house where they are cleaning
  • Someone working for you spills one of their chemicals on accident which causes discoloration in the carpet
  • A client trips over poorly placed equipment and is injured in the process
  • An employee misjudges the proper chemical needed for a carpet and damages it instead
  • There is a car accident while on the road, damaging the equipment that was in transit
  • Someone is harmed due to faulty tools or negligence

Insurance created especially for carpet cleaning services is a smart investment that protects your business against accidents and mishaps during cleanings.