Liability Coverage for Transport Services

The trucking industry provides transport services for billions of dollars in consumer goods each year. For businesses who trust these transport options and the companies that provide them, protecting the cargo protects financial liability and company reputation. There are several items to note when it comes to insurance programs for trucking cargo.


The contents of a transport vehicle, such as a tractor-trailer or box truck, will need coverage beyond general truck liability in the event of cargo loss or damage during the haul. Considering the amount of goods moved during a year, and the added risk of theft or accident, cargo insurance is a necessity to protecting a trucking firm from great financial loss or legal action.


Types of coverage for transport service range from general liability services to cargo-specific options. Many companies have specializations associated with the cargo coverage, as different types of materials or goods present their own specific concerns. These could include:

  • Chemical or hazardous loads
  • Refrigerated container units
  • Live animal transports


The insurance programs for trucking cargo have been designed with insight from wholesalers, agents and trucking industry experts. It is possible to obtain endorsements for certain loads from insurance providers, or complete policies can be drafted for recurring load contracts.

It is important to protect your trucking company from financial and legal liabilities when faced with cargo challenges of theft or damage. Look for a policy that specifically addresses your cargo needs.