How Liability Insurance Works for Trucking

Trucking is a big industry in Texas, and with the construction of the Panama Canal more opportunities are opening up. This means if you’re looking to purchase or upgrade your trucking liability insurance in Texas you may have a lot of things to consider.

There are a number of factors that can play into acquiring insurance for a trucking company. These include the experience level and driving record of those operating the trucks, the age of the company, how many trucks they have, and whether or not a truck is carrying cargo at the time of an incident. Liability coverage is there in case the driver of the truck is found at fault. Usually a liability policy with cover any bodily injuries to others, and property damage. Property damage could include another vehicle, stationary property such as a building, and possibly the cargo the truck was hauling at the time. Texas is one of the states that requires drivers to have liability insurance.

If you’re looking at trucking liability insurance in Texas it’s best to talk to a professional so they can help you choose a law compliant policy that fits your business needs. Being able to provide your agent with information such at the number and age of the truck you wish to insure, as well as some driver information may help in getting a more accurate quote.