Why Your Moving Company Needs Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is not only for trucking companies or freight businesses. Even you as the owner of a moving company should have Texas cargo insurance and here’s why.

You assume a lot of responsibility when you pack up people’s belongings and transport them within Texas or even to a location in a different state. Your clients put a lot of trust in you and have to be assured that their assets are properly insured should something happen to them during the move. Your movers are going to spend a lot of time on the road and vehicle accidents, rollovers, fire and theft can happen totally unexpected during the haul. You are liable for the value of the household goods, and without insurance, this could become very expensive. Having to pay for the damaged or lost items can potentially ruin your business. Furthermore, many people are aware of the risk involved with having their belongings professionally packed up and transported and are only willing to choose a moving company that carries a comprehensive insurance policy. Then there’s also physical damage and equipment that can break down or workers that might get injured.

Texas cargo insurance is a must-have for every moving company. It protects your assets, workers, and other people’s property.