What You Need to Know About Hired Non Owned Auto Insurance

Hired non owned auto insurance is a must for any business that required employees to drive vehicles not owned by the business for business purposes. This type of insurance policy is not just for taxi, shipping or delivery companies in which many employees frequently drive their own vehicles, but also for companies in which use of personal vehicles is infrequent or rare.


What Is Hired Auto Insurance?


Hired non owned auto insurance functions much the same way as standard auto insurance, only it covers vehicles specifically when they are being driven for business purposes. The logic behind this policy is that the driver would not have been on the road at the time of the accident if not for the business’ needs, so the business ought to bear part of the cost of insurance.


Who Needs It?


Any business or company that requires employees to drive personal vehicles in the company’s name needs non owned auto insurance.This includes delivery or repair companies with many employee vehicles that are out being driven almost every day, as well as businesses that keep just require the occasional car for running official errands. These vehicles are often not insured properly, or as efficiently as possible without non owned auto insurance.


If this sounds like your business, then contact your insurance agent to discuss the benefits of hired non owned auto insurance today.