3 Things to Look for In Your Professional Liability Coverage

Many companies choose liability coverage to help keep themselves and their employees safe. If you’re looking for professional liability insurance in Indianapolis there are a few things you may want to include in your policy. Risk Management Some liability plans may come with or recommend risk management programs. These can help you find and mitigate

The Main Categories of Film Production Insurance

Film producers often encounter many challenges as they are filming a project. One of the most important things you can do is purchase film production insurance. In fact, most states require filmmakers to have some form of insurance in place. Here are a few types of insurance that many film production companies choose to implement.

Are There Gaps in Your Farm Insurance?

Farming is one the be biggest industries in Ohio and has been the backbone of America for hundreds of years. As one of the most important and essential trades in the United States, farming can be a hobby or an occupation. It may also be a business that employees hundreds of people. No matter if

How To Insure Your Ground Water Drilling Company?

Extracting drinkable water from the environment is crucial to the health and well being of everyone, this means that there will need to be companies specializing in drilling for ground water and those companies will need insurance. Ground water drilling insurance coverage can help your company identify, minimize and insure the risks involved in the

How Long Do You Need Management Liability Insurance?

When you are looking for management liability insurance, you want to find a company that has specialists who know your particular industry well and thus are equipped to create a package that meets your unique needs. Axis management liability coverage is tailored to your industry. You work with an agent who knows the kind of

Be Part of a Community with Benefit Society Insurance

Trying to narrow down your choices for insurance agencies can be tiring, especially when agents are concerned with making their shareholders happily. Luckily, you have the option of member-owned organizations that can supply you with many different insurance products. It is the sales of those quality products that allow benefit societies to reinvest the profits

Business Liability Coverage Uncovered

Business insurance is often a point of confusion for new business owners. There are many options on the market that seem to cover the same things. General and professional liability coverages are examples of that. On the surface, it’s not clear if both are necessary as they seem to cover the same things. As you

Under the Umbrella: The Benefits of Extra Liability Coverage

Many insurance policy holders operate under the assumption that the coverage they have is sufficient for every possible event. In most cases, however, this is not true. An insurance agent near Boston can set you up with an umbrella policy that provides extra liability when you need it. How It Works Your homeowners or general

How to Choose the Best Insurance for Your Goods

When you’re in the shipping game, there are always going to be risks. Maybe an accident will destroy your goods. Maybe a ship will sink, taking your merchandise with it. Maybe an employee will make a mistake, causing your shipment to get lost. Any of these events and many more are possible in the world

The Actual Benefits of a Benefit Society

With the ongoing changes in American healthcare and health insurance, you may be thinking about other insurance policies in your life and their affordable alternatives. As you are shopping around, you may come across the option of fraternal benefit societies, registered not-for-profit membership programs to support financial security and the local community. Before you choose