Protecting the Good Done by Fraternal Groups

Fraternal insurance is a type of insurance specifically written to meet the needs of those who have joined fraternal groups. If you are part of a fraternal group, then you can appreciate several benefits because of the insurance coverage.   Most of the time, people join fraternal groups in order to achieve a common goal

Two Ways Homeowners Can Save on Insurance Expenses

Many homeowners are tempted to simply choose the most affordable option when they compare NJ homeowners insurance quotes before purchasing a policy. At the same time, most homeowners recognize that choosing a policy based on price alone may lead to dangerous coverage gaps. Fortunately, there are a few ways that homeowners can find lower quotes

Forms of Lawyer Malpractice Insurance

Attorneys consider a few things first when facing a malpractice case. Those first factors are the type of insurance the accused law professional has and the liability coverage limits of the policy that they have. Distinct insurance kinds and liability limits warrant distinct case strategies. If you’re thinking about filing a lawyers malpractice claim, you

Protecting Against Professional Liability Claims

Professional liability claims can be very costly, long before any damages are paid out. Legal defense fees for attorneys and expert witnesses, costs of court proceedings and more all will add up quickly when a claimant alleges damages as a result of professionally negligent acts or omissions. In a litigious society, the classes of professionals

How to Understand Your Client’s Expectations

As a design professional, understanding your client’s expectations and needs is paramount to completing a successful project. Unfortunately, without asking the right types of questions and going without an architect professional liability insurance policy, your operations could be at risk.   Close-Ended Questions   Close-ended questions require simple answers like yes and no. Although these

The Value of a Workers Compensation Security Strategy

With just about all companies looking to reduce prices in the present economic climate, it’s not surprising the problem of Workers Compensation in Indiana is often discussed by supervisors and small business owners in the state. While many Indiana companies discuss insurance rates and premiums, much fewer understand the value of executing a security strategy

The Benefits of Purchasing Furniture Dealers Insurance

Many different types of businesses can benefit from providing workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. In fact, in New York State, it is mandatory to provide such insurance. If you own a furniture dealership, you may find yourself needing to hire an insurance company to provide the structure for your furniture dealers insurance.   Choosing

3 Reasons Why Digital Insurance Marketing Works

From constant changes in rules and laws, to huge losses from natural disasters, insurance companies face more and more challenges each day. Despite these major issues, one of the biggest challenges they face is adopting to the digital world.   Digital insurance marketing is one of the best ways to increase a client base, ensuring

What Can Risk Management Do for Your Staffing Agency?

When choosing temporary staffing insurance, risk management should be a factor in selecting a suitable insurance plan. While insurance is designed to offer assistance after an incident has occurred, plans that include risk management procedures can help company’s anticipate problems before they actually happen.   What Is Risk Management?   In general terms, risk management

Protecting Valued Employees

When it comes to an industry as important as transportation, protection is vital. This is true of any form of transport, whether it is by bus, train, or car. Included in this category along with all the rest are limousine services. In an area like this where the atmosphere is key, the driver themselves is