Preventative Measures for Bunker Accidents

When ships and other watercraft are out to sea for extended journeys, or purposely set to extract product from the ocean floor, they do not have the luxury of stopping at fixed fuel stations or moving product back and forth out in the open water. Instead, they rely on the services of bunkers to refuel,

Two Confusing Terms in Transport Coverage

Those operating in the transportation industry are familiar with the terms carrier liability and cargo liability insurance. Many assume they are the same thing, but there are some significant differences that help tell the two apart. Knowing these differences is important in making sure you have retained the right protection and coverage for your load.

Is Insurance for High Value Homes Worth It?

High value home insurance are comprehensive packages for buildings with a higher than average value. These can be heritage homes or homes with special design elements. Keep in mind that it isn’t necessarily only for houses but also for high value condominiums. Here is why you should be considering high value coverage. High Value Home

The Benefits of Working With a Wholesale Broker

In a changing market, commercial insurance wholesalers can be beneficial. Wholesalers understand how to navigate a challenging market and understand what to do with businesses that may be hard to place. A wholesaler brings three benefits to the table that you don’t want to miss. Efficient and Speedy Work Wholesalers have more flexibility and an

Is Your Waterfront Home Protected?

Owning waterfront property is a dream come true for many homeowners. However, that dream can be shattered if a strong storm surge or hurricane winds damage their home. Coastal insurance provides financial coverage that addresses gaps in general homeowners’ policies. Differences Between Policies A general coverage policy takes effect with situations involving property damage caused

Paying for an HR Mistake

Federal and state regulations have some influence over the type of benefits a company may offer an employee, but there is an ethical concern that propels businesses towards taking care of their own. However, even a generous benefits plan holds the potential for legal concerns, should an employee claim a company failed in their delivery

Small Business Liability Coverage

Many business owners are familiar with the need to carry general liability insurance, but there are actually two types of coverage they can consider for liability protection. Public liability, or PLI insurance, is often considered an entry-level insurance coverage, providing new businesses with basic protection. What Is It? Public liability works much like general liability,

Breaking Down Insurance Coverages For Your Trucking Business

There are a lot of risks involved in owning a trucking company. That’s why having the right level of transportation insurance is key to your long-term success. Here are some of the insurance coverages you’ll need to include in your policy when you’re getting ready to start your business. Truck Liability Insurance Truck liability coverage

Changing the Face of Insurance

NorthStar Insurance Services has over 20 years of experience with providing insurance to both businesses and families. Our team works to create a reliable and transparent relationship between client and agents. That way you can receive service that works in your best interest. With us, you can work towards your future goals with the confidence

Tips for Marketing Your Insurance Company

Selling insurance is highly competitive with seemingly countless options available to prospective clients. With options from both local and national companies, it is crucial to take the steps necessary to have your company stand out from the rest. By using effective marketing strategies and effective insurance website templates, you can look forward to appealing more