Paying for the Homeowners Coverage You Need

Home insurance in CT, as in most of the US, covers some basic things: The expected cost of replacing your home, including ancillary structures; what it might cost to replace personal property; what you might have to pay if someone is injured on your property; and what it might cost to house you and your family if you can’t live in the home. The premium you pay for that coverage will depend on how you answer some questions, like what you own, where you live and what policy limits and deductible amounts you choose.

You may find that you need protection for or against things not covered in the basic homeowners policy. Where you live in Connecticut may determine if you need additional protection for damage from flooding or weather events like wind or snow. Collectibles, expensive jewelry and fine art all deserve special consideration and typically require policy endorsements, or riders.

It may be tempting to reduce expenses by settling on less comprehensive coverage, but this is seldom a satisfactory alternative. Opting for a larger deductible and/or finding ways to bundle insurance products may let you get the savings you want and the coverage you need. Choosing sufficient home insurance in CT can provide peace of mind when the unexpected happens.