Protecting Your Biggest Asset

Protecting a home or auto with insurance is considered a necessity for most people. These are high-ticket items that generally cannot be easily replaced. The value of this insurance is easily recognized. The value of insuring your own life, and thereby protecting your family, may not always be as easily recognized. Why would you not insure your most valuable asset? Fraternal life insurance is often the key to making sure that asset is properly protected.

Choosing life insurance through a fraternal group typically offers more econimical premium rates and broader appetites with fewer health and age restrictions. The fraternal order is looking out for the interests of its members. This mindset creates increased opportunities for all participants. Whether looking for term or permanent insurance, products are generally available to fill every need.

Products purchased through these companies often have additional benefits not available from a traditional life insurance company. Some offer specialized orphan benefits, college funding and scholarships. Discounts may be available for the purchase of additional products or services.

There are several types of fraternal life insurance companies. Some are centered around a faith denomination and others are tied to a specific company or health condition. Others are tied to specific professions or ethnic backgrounds. A simple internet search will reveal which orders you are likely already eligible to participate in.