Does Your Public School Insurance Adequately Address Student Claims?

Indiana public schools have a duty to provide safe environments for students, and school employees do their best to fulfill that duty. Unfortunately, oversight, understaffing, and other issues sometimes cause a school to fall short, which is why public school insurance in Indiana is essential. In addition to simply having coverage, however, it is essential that public schools find a policy that protects against the following risks.


Accidental Injuries


Like any property, a public school can be the target of a premises liability claim if a preventable hazard results in injury. Most general liability policies cover premises liability. However, it is worth remembering that an accident as simple as a fall could result in a serious injury such as a traumatic brain injury. Considering this, many schools could benefit from raising their policy limits.


Harm by Other Students


A school may be held liable for failing to take reasonable steps to prevent harm to students, including harm from other students. Student bullying, assault, and sexual assault can all provide grounds for a claim. The Indiana Supreme Court recently ruled that two students could file suits against their school for injuries resulting from a shooting. For many schools, extra coverage, such as an umbrella policy, may be necessary to mitigate this kind of risk.


Other Potential Risk Areas


A policy for public school insurance in Indiana should account for even the most unlikely risks. As schools are increasingly considered liable for harm to students, the occurrence of a rare but serious incident could be crippling. Proper insurance coverage is the most effective way to address this ongoing risk.