Putting Together the Right Temporary Staffing Insurance Policy

As a temporary staffing agency, you have many responsibilities. Not only do you need to provide protection for your business and your personal employees, but you have many “placed” employees that need proper protection as well. The good news is that with temporary staffing insurance you can do just that. The following are some things to think about so that you can put together the perfect policy with your insurance provider:


  • Size – One of the first things you should talk to your insurance provider about is the size of your company. Each different company has unique needs based on their size. Those with more placed employees will need more coverage. Those that place employees in more risky jobs will also need more coverage.
  • Needs – In addition to the size of your company, you should discuss the various needs that you have. For example, if you have a company car, you will need commercial automobile insurance. If you have a building where clients visit, you will need general liability and other similar types of coverage.
  • Area – The area that your company is located could also play a part in the type of coverage you get. If you run your agency out of an area with a high crime rate, you may want more protection with crime insurance, etc.


Running a staffing agency is great for the community. To ensure that you are doing your part, speak to your insurance agent today about putting together the perfect temporary staffing insurance policy.