The Laws Of Auto Insurance

It might sound like a waste of time to have laws pertaining to auto insurance in Chicopee, but once you understand just what auto insurance law is, you’ll understand why it’s so necessary. One of the main reasons for auto insurance law is so that everyone will be protected from wrongdoing.

What Auto Insurance Law Is

 The reason that every driver is required to have liability insurance is because of auto insurance law. Motorists who don’t have liability insurance are unable to register their car. Your state’s laws will determine just how much liability insurance you have to have. If you don’t have adequate insurance, you can be fined up to a few thousand dollars. In some cases you can even face jail time if you don’t have proper insurance.

The Importance of Auto Insurance Law

 Imagine if no one was required to have auto insurance in Chicopee. If an uninsured driver were to hit your car, you would have to pay for all of the damages and medical bills. While you could sue the other driver, if they didn’t have the money or assets to pay the lawsuit they would be deemed judgment proof. If you were unable to take care of your medical bills, then your fellow taxpayers would have to take care of them for you, which is something that they would be none too thrilled about.

Now you understand just how much better things are for drivers everywhere because of auto insurance law.