Top Three Reasons to Carry General Liability Insurance

Searching for general liability insurance in NJ can seem like a hassle for new business owners. Even though the main benefits of insurance are common knowledge, many still take the risk of operating without coverage. If you’re debating whether to sign up for a general liability policy, here are three reasons why it benefits your business to do so.

Coverage Against Injury

If a person or their property is hurt as a result of your product or service, they may attempt to file a lawsuit. If this were to happen, general liability insurance would cover any fees and settlements so that they wouldn’t have to come out of your pocket.

Coverage for Medical Payments

A general liability policy will also cover medical payments for non-employees injured by your product or service. This part of the coverage can still be used even if a lawsuit isn’t filed.

Coverage Against Copyrights

If you accidentally use someone else’s advertising idea or infringe on a copyright, you may be held liable for some sort of a payment. Rather than leaving your business at risk, the insurance policy will cover any associated costs.

Carrying general liability insurance in NJ doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. Find a carrier who can explain the details of your policy and customize the coverage to fit your needs.