Welcome To The Future

Times have certainly changed, and have already changed far beyond anything anyone 20 or 30 years ago would have ever expected. Technology is now in the driver’s seat when it comes to businesses, and the advertising for said businesses with internet marketing. There is perhaps no industry in the world that relies more on the systematic dropping of names and numbers than the insurance industry. It’s traditionally an industry where you generate your own business by doing your own legwork. Insurance agents work relentlessly to acquire new leads, pursue those leads, and retain existing clients. This is all done through various types of advertising.


The Computer Age


While some agents swear by the time-tested methods of cold calling, mailing solicitations

, and business card bulletin boards at local businesses, the fact is that internet marketing is the wave of the future in the computer age. The access to information is now so large, so instantaneous, and everything is so readily available, that the old methods of reaching potential customers are becoming exponentially more obsolete. Marketing and advertising are riding the digital wave with the rest of us, recognizing how communities observe and obtain information in the age we live in. While the tried-and-true ways of getting information to people will likely always be there, they are proven to be seen by much more people as they partake in technology.