When General Liability Coverage Isn’t Enough

For those operating a staffing service, there are a number of concerns regarding employee behaviors, injuries and liabilities when hired individuals operate away from the staffing center. Although the purpose of these agencies is to supply necessary labor for third-party companies on a contract basis, the hiring agency is exposed to the same risks and liabilities as any standard business. By acquiring temporary staffing insurance, you are able to find protection and assurances against significant loss with these exposures.

Why You Need Special Coverage

Your standard general commercial liability policy offers great coverage for your operations, but these are usually not comprehensive in their coverage of occurrences at remote locations with contracted employees. Here is a scenario which encourages the need for a specialized policy.

Scenario: A temporary employee is operating a forklift at a client’s warehouse, and in the act of moving boxes, the employee loses control and runs into the wall. The employee loses control of the forklift and runs into a wall, causing damage to both the forklift and the wall. A general liability policy may attribute the incident to being outside the scope of employee actions since it did not occur on company property or with company equipment.

The classification of events, worksites, property and type of employee vary greatly for staffing agencies, making it necessary to carry a temporary staffing insurance policy which specifically addresses these difference.